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Thursday, February 28, 2008


So, cleaning out the prop shop today I found stuff we had rented that had to go back (oh about two weeks ago...  *whistles innocently*)

And seeing that I had to package that stuff up and send it out, I took the opportunity to package other stuff out and send it, too.  I sent the boy the Scarf That Shall Not Be Finished, despite the fact that he's now working in South Carolina, and it's downright balmy there.  (He thinks that's a selling point and I should come join him.  Hell no.  I like my snow, dammit!)

I packaged up a hat o' death for a friend who though that the whole Hat Attack thing was 'really cool'  Imagine that!  Asking to be cruelly slain by knitted death!

And I even packaged up a special surprise for a Ravelry friend.  Why?  because I had the whim to be very nice.  Hopefully knitterly karma will mean that my projects on the needles will now turn out.

I can hope, right?

Kerchief pics tomorrow.  Yee!

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