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Friday, February 01, 2008

The Dreaded 70's.... Gloves?!

Ok, 'fession time.

See last post?  The one where it exalts all the great things about 70's colors and say I'm make a pair of socks?

Well, I was making a pair of socks...

Let me start this 'fession off by saying I.  Made.  A. Gauge. Swatch.  I'm using using the "Sensational Knitted Socks" book by Charlene Schurch.  She has these nifty little charts for how many stitches to cast one for each pattern, and my foot size with my gauge fell directly between casting on 66 and 88 stitches.  I was leaning towards casting on 88... but then I talked to one of my best knitting friends who had just made a pair of the same socks.  She had big feet (as do I) and CO 66 stitches - her socks came out huge.  So I cost on 66 stitches and knit halfway down to the heel before trying them on.

Well they fit... sort of.  They're uncomfortably tight, but they fit around my hands just fine.  So I have now made a thumbhole and CO some extra hand stitches and continued on my merry way with my new glove "pattern"

I guess this proves positive.... gauge swatches might not lie, but every knitter IS different.

(To be fair, she knits continental and I knit stubbornly English... so yeah, I gues English *is* tighter)

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