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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hat of the Month Club

Ha ha!!  I have done it!

I just started up a "Hat of the month club" in my town.  Now I can infect the joy of knitting hats to other knitters!  The premise was simple: choose a pattern with a new technique or a something new and interesting to learn each month and gather.  Everyone knits the same (or a similar) pattern, helping one another get through the difficult starting point.  Usually patterns are just hard for the first few rows until you learn what's going on, and once you get that down the rest is fairly easy.  So the club is designed to painless get people started on something new.

What I find really frightening is that the club knitters see me as the "expert" of sorts.  Me?!  I'm younger than all of them!  I haven't been knitting that long (then again I have been crocheting since I was a tot) but I don;t find it very difficult to pick up new techniques.  So I have been teaching others wonders like provisional cast ons (hey, you can pick up the stitches?  cool!) and hoe to do fair isle with two hands instead of trying to untagle yarns in one.

The hat of the month?  The one that got this whole silly hat thing started.  That darned short row hat.  I liked mine so much, I made another one!  I knit this one so fast I forgot to take a picture of the WIP  >.<  I must stop doing that.  I'll post FO pics soon.

So what have I been doing lately?

I must sheepishly admit I am glued to the screen watching classic Doctor Who.  Can you believe that my geeky brain has never watched this show before?  Well, one here and there when I was reeeally little, but nothing I could really remember.  

I.  Am.  Hooked.

I *love* this freakin' show.  Well, most of it.  I personally think the sixth doctor should be dragged out into a busy highway, beaten with a stick and left to get run over.  That's partially because he doesn't have the best writing, partially because he's a jerk, and mostly because I find I really adore the fifth doctor and I'm pissed that he had to regenerate into Mr Rainbow Dickhead.

whoo... geek rant there.  ok, I'm ok now.

Anyways, I may be starting a vest soon, depending on what gauge my mystery yarn knits into.  Yes, I was gifted a huge-ass cone of two ply shetland wool of undetermined size.  It's pretty thin, so my quest tonight is to finish watching Earthshock and then knit a gauge swatch with the yarn doubled to see what it does.

Pictures soon.  

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