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Monday, October 22, 2007

Knitting Tip Numba 1

So, as I was sitting, knitting, in the LYS, the one with "sunshine" lights, a lady came in, all flustered saying she was a beginner and asking if she was doing something wrong.  She pulled out a fairly marvelous simple cabled hat, and asked if the cables were all right.

Well, they finally figured out that she was doing right twist cables while the pattern asked for left, but since she did them all the same it really didn't matter.

Anyways, this lady was an avid golfer, and she didn't have a cable needle.  Instead she used a golf tee.

We tried it, and sure enough it it doesn't work marvelously.

So... for cables made with worsted weight yarn or larger on size 8 needles or larger, try a golf tee if you don't have a cable needle.

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