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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ooooh, check this out!  Isn't this cool?!

Ok, you're probably going 'no, Jamie, it's a bag of yarn.'  Or even if you're as yarn obsessed as I am, you're probably still going 'Cool, a bag of yarn.  Ok.'

Oh, dear friend, but it's a *special* bag of yarn.

And just why is it special you ask?  

Because I *won* it.  I never ever win anything, but I entered a drawing at one of the lovely local yarn shops (White River Yarns), and my name was drawn for an afghan kit!  How lucky is that?

There's 20balls of Firenze boucle and 5 of Firenze (Plymouth brand) ... That's about $250 of yarn... for free!!  
I have never been so lucky!  AND I get to knit it!

That remind me... I have never knit an afghan before.  I have crocheted 27 of them... but never knit.  I think this speaks to me,  it whispers little snippets in the night (Yes, I sleep with it by my bed.  That's not because I'm a fetishish, but because my apartment is small) that say "cuddle up, knit in the recliner during the long winter snows.  Watch Wrath of Khan for the hundredth time"

That's a little slice of heaven right there.


Blogger Elke said...

ooOoo, Firenze is so incredibly soft. I find it impossible to walk past it without giving it a little pet. <3

This afghan is going to be wonderful.

3:00 PM  
Blogger JamieL said...

I can't wait until I can dig into it :)

10:02 PM  

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