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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Interior Sunshine

Dear goodness, is the newest LYS nice!  Comfy chairs, full spectrum lighting... it's like a little slice of heaven.  Speaking of... if you have never had a chance to knit in full spectrum lighting, check it out!  You can see the difference in the paint on the walls.  In the back room it's this dirty yellow color, and in the full spectrum its this lovely satiny eggshell color.

Anyways, enough about that.  On to knitting.  I decided to start a brand new pattern, because I don't have yarn in for my other projects.  I even bought yarn to match.  This is from Vogue Knitting (which I'm starting to think that no one should knit from unless it's a scarf or a blanket pattern) oh, 2005ish era.  Falling leaves on a mohair background.  The yarn is yummy - the leaves are "Kathmandu" - Merino/Cashmere/Silk, with laceweight mohair.  I love the look, but the pattern needed to be beaten six ways to sunday.  It lists that the leaves are a 14 row pattern... and them proceeds to only give you 12 of those rows.  C'mon guys... they make editors for a reason!  Anyways, I ended up making an overly large "gauge swatch" - a.k.a. I started the scarf and then had to learn to make choices and correct the pattern as I went, so I started over once I figured out exactly what to do.

     I have faith that this will be marvelous once it is finished.

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Blogger DecemberFlower said...

I know what issue that came from. Pretty sure it's Summer 2005, and that's probably one of the only patterns I saved from the Vogue Knittings I had. I can't believe I actually used to like some of the patterns in those magazines. D:

11:19 PM  
Blogger JamieL said...

You're right, it *is* Summer 2005. *chuckles* good eye!

I got mine from a knit swap, I think especially because of that scarf

10:58 PM  

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