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Sunday, October 14, 2007

How Things Felt, Study 1

We love felting things, yes we do.

I try to keep a record of the berets I make and what they look like felted.  Currently I am amassing quite a stack at the end of my bed.

And, yeah, I know the technical term is fulled.  Sue me.

From right to left we have:
1.Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride, slightly felted (knit on size 6 needles you get a nice, tight fabric that doesn't need much felting.)
2. Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride, unfelted.  Note: both of these hats have a contrasting hatband.  You run out of wool just at the ribbing section if knit from the top down.
3. Altacama Alpaca, fully felted.
4. Cascade Yarns Wool 220.  This turned out very nicely, though I had to put it through both the wash and the dryer.  That may have had something to do with my roommates fiddling with the wash settings -.-
5. Noro Kuryeon.  This felts nicely, but not tightly.  I worked and worked to get it smaller and it still remains a big floppy hat.  A lovely scots bonnet, but not a beret.
6. Altacama Alpaca, again.  This is my signature hat.

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