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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some Bug is Going to DIE...

Zander: My God. How could this happen?
Carmen: We thought we were smarter than the Bugs.

~Starship Troopers


It's chilly today in the great white North, and I decided to take out my Harry Potter Scarf.

And what do I find?

Something was munching on it!

After a few trips through the microwave and a gentle washing I set about meticulously inspecting my scarf.  Luckily only one hole, but gah!  It got munched away!

I had to pull out 8 rows of 4 stitches.  bah!

Now I'm a pretty terrible mender, but I got the job done.  It's not lovely, but it's sturdy and from five feet away you cannot tell.

I'm inspecting and washing my stash skeins as I type.

If I see a moth, it's war.


Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Jamie: can I suggest knitting up a rosette of some kind? (Just a ripply length of any matching (or non-matching) sew on top of that particular spot? It'll conceal the mend and look as though you meant to do it all along. (Doesn't have to be frou-frou..some flowers are very simple). Alternatively you could duplicate stitch some kind of design? It's a shame to have your work ruined by moths...maybe storing your best knits in a space bag with some cedar might help?

5:00 PM  

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