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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hat Updates

Short Row Hat

This pattern is beautiful.  It's fun.  It's well written.  It's easy to understand.  I recommend knitting it.

I have never before in my yarn shopping life seen the yarn it calls for ("Ami Ami Faith").  I suppose if I lived somewhere cool like Chicago or New York I could buy it, but I don't.  I live somewhere nice and rural.  And I didn't want to order it online.  I wanted to knit it right away.

Plymouth's Boku makes a nice substitute.  It does the gently shaded self striping thing with a little more regularly and less gusto that Noro Kuryeon, and it's the same gauge as Ami Ami Faith.  Yay!

I had it in progress a few days ago.  It knits quickly.  Two days of concentrated knitting, a week if you're sporadic.  Mine was interrupted by running out of my ball and needing to wait to buy another one.

The Entrelac Triangles hat...

Ok, the pattern writer for this hat was either A. smoking crack or B. has never actually knit a hat for an adult human before.

The adult pattern calls for Crystal Palace Iceland, which is a very chunky yarn, or two strands of Taos, a worsted weight.  On size 10 1/2 needles.  I am using one strand of Galway chunky which isn't as chunky as iceland, on size 10 needles, and the hat would fit a rhinoceros.  Seriously.  Look!

The pattern lists no gauge.  It doesn't even list a size.  This should have triggered my alarm bells.

The idea for the pattern is intriguing, and the actual technique is pretty well written; but the pattern suffers from poor editing.  
Small details like your pick up and knit row is also row 1, not a set up row are poorly communicated.

I intend to finish this hat and then felt it within an inch of its life to see if I can salvage it.  Then I'm going to rewrite the pattern and knit it again in something sane, like, oh...  worsted weight yarn.

Stupid freakin' pattern writers.

I will beat this hat.  I swear I will

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If I ever stop laughing, I will comment. I wouldn't wait up though.

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