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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hat Updates Numba 2

Spiral Hat

     Hey, this one wasn't on my list!  yeah, an extra hat snuck in there all of a sudden.  I was gifted this pattern by a fellow knitter and I thought it would be a smashing way to use up the leftover 3/4 skein of Boku from the short row hat. I thought "why not, it's kinda cute" so it is paired with some absolutely divine baby brush alpaca.  Mmm, fuzzy!

     This pattern is easy to follow and turns  out nicely.  It is also EASY.  I think a beginner could tackle it as a second project.  Knit, purl, decrease, yarn over, pick up stitches.  That's about it.  Most of it is knit flat.  If I had one complaint it is that there is no decreasing at the very top of the hat.  It makes for a bulky (read: messy) bind off at the very top.  

     Now the rest of the hat looks fine, so if people are inspecting the very top of your hat, they probably have issues.  Then again I'm only 5'4" and I know several people who could easily inspect the top of my hat without too much difficulty.  Still, if they did they would have issues.  Also, with any kind of fragile yarn, there is a good chance of it breaking when threaded though all the top stitches.  Even double thickness, it is a big bind off.  I ended up using the alpaca to sew the side seam, and embroidery floss to bind the top closed.  It's strong, slick, and comes in about eighty bajillion colors.

Devil  Hat: Meh I am lazy.  I knitted the hat part of this one over a week ago and I have yet to add the horns.  Fun pattern, very interesting to knit!

Entrelac Triangles hat.

Ok, remember when you're mom used to look at your craft projects and tell you how "unique" they were because unique was a nice way of saying "It looks like crap"?

Well, this hat is "unique."

Then again most people who I show it to think that's it's really cool so I might just get some of those ultra huge jingle bells and sew them on, call it my "Merry Idiot" hat and be good.

It also doubles as a pretty nice candy bowl for Halloween, tentacles and everything!



Blogger elan said...

You've gotta have confidence to pull off that hat, wearing it I mean, bet it was fun to knit.

5:46 AM  
Blogger JamieL said...

It's disturbingly fun to knit! Since tomorrow is Halloween, I think I willw ear it with pride :)

8:35 PM  

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