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Friday, October 26, 2007

Hat Update Numba Three

I am a hat knitting fool.

No progress yet on the devil hat.  I will have to knit those horns sooner or later.

But... check these out!

Koolhaas Hat: I called it the twisted stitch hat below... but it has a pretty twisted name to go with it.  This one is being knitted in Suri Merino (which for people who aren't fiber snobs is 50% wool, 50% Alpaca).  It's a lovely soft yarn, but it doesn't have the greatest stitch definition.  

     I love the concept of this hat being based off of Architecture (in this case the Architecture of Rem Koolhaas, which is presumably where the hat gets the funky name).  I am what you could call and Architecture history geek, so I must say this pattern has definite appeal.

It also has forced me to learn to cable without a cable needle as it features 52 (count em'... 52!)  one by one cables every 4 rows.  Yeesh.  That's enough to drive a person nuts.

     I hated this hat when I started it.  Wonky knits, hundreds of teeny tine cables.  About halfway through I started to realy enjoy it.  I don't know whether that's because I figured out the best way to make these teeny cables or because I bought a new hat needle.

Mmm, my very first Addi Turbo.  I usually hate to gush about things, especially things you buy, but hell...  these things make knitting like putting a hot knife through butter.  Buttah!  I am freakin' sold.

This hat would be finished tonight, but I am out of yarn and need to pick up another skein.  >.<

I wanted hair on my Brainmonster.  Partially because I'm a freak, and partially because I found by accident that Jo Ann Fabric's had thier Fun Fur rip off "Cello" on clearance... and the color scheme just happened to match the Nature Wool I wanted to use, and so I figured it was a match made in heaven... or Brainmoster hell... whichever you prefer.

     I admit, I was stubborn.  I wasn't going to change the pattern to knit in the cello, so I stuck with size 7 needles even though I had 2 strands of yarn.  It was like a battle of brawl vs. knitter with no brains, but I perservered.  We shll soon see if the top is tres wonky or fits ok.  Either way I am past the fun fur (ahem...Cello) and into knitting pleasure once again.

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