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Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Knitter and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

I worked on that play.  Yeah, it;s a kids Play - Alexander and the no good terrible, horrible very bad day.  I was the set designer.  It's hellacious.  You need a copy machine that fits people inside and lights up.  Fun.

Wine and cheese, Bay-beh!

And by wine I mean “Raspberry Wild Vines”, which is even cheaper than Arbor Mist, and Crowley’s large curd cottage cheese. It is fucking delicious. Redneck relaxation, and I revel in it!

I am drunk.

WARNING: I swear when I am drunk. Thou Hast been warned.

I had a very bad day and this is the perfect relaxation. I am listening to Hibiscuits Girl’s extreme drunken audio review of God Knows What knitting magazine, I wish I had it in front of me, but it’s old. I’m drinking with her. It’s awesome. We must do this again.

After this whatever will I do?

I’m watching Doctor fucking Who Kiddies! Yes! Tom Baker rocks! Yee Haw! It’s downloading slowly but I’m gonna watch it. Why? Because I’m a complete and utter geek, that’s why. Yanno, I’m reeealy glad that I’m drinking out of a plastic wine glass.

Did I tell y’all I’m knitting a pink hat?

Yeah. I had a run in with the bank, and that caused the bad day, and therefore I am on an enforced yarn diet. So I’m using stash yarn. In a moment of unadulterated weakness last year I bought two skeins of marled pink wool. I hate pink. But I bought it. Why? Because it was lovely.

It’s becoming a beret.

A Raspberry Beret. AHAHAHAHAH!

Shit yeah! Go go Prince!

I’m drunk.

But I can still spell.

What the hell else am I going to do with 2 skeins of pink-marled Galway? I sure as hell ain’t making a sweater out of it. I may make another Fair Isle hat with it.

Yeah! I designed myself a Fair Isle hat too! It’s lovely. I’ll post it tomorrow when I’m not drunk.

Ooooh, 60% of Dr. Who is loaded.

My friend has always wanted a Dr. Who Tom Baker Scarf, and I am going to knit it, methinks. There is an entire website on it. An Entire Website!! It’s like !! That’s almost as good as That got a lot of laughs last year when I had to order cases of balls for a play. Yeah. Balls.

I probably shouldn’t post this. Aw, hell. It works. I love Hibiscuits Girl. Go check out her blog, she rocks. right there. Go! I found it trying to figure out if anyone else thought that Knit.1 was on crack. Yeah! Google linked me to her Extreme Drunken Review. It’s awesome. I would do that, but it’s stealing.

Ok. I’m gunna go watch Doctor Who now. That’s safe. Safer than posting to the blog, methinks.

Pics tomorrow. I have We Call Them Pirates hat Mark II on me head right now!

Raspberry beret! Ahahahah!


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