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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tales of Hats and Theatre

Tech week.

In theatre tech week is the week directly before opening night.  It is when actors move from thier rehearsal space and into the theatre, and everything comes together.  Set.  Props.  Lights.  Sound.  Actors.

In theory this is an exciting time, full of the nitty gritty "magic" of theatre.

In reality it is five days of hell.

My schedule has been for the past four days:  Get up, work.  Eat animals crackers for breakfast while I work.  Break for lunch, eat lunch (the only meal of the day, really).  Work.  Break for dinner - maybe.  Work.  Watch the run.  Knit.  Get notes.  Go home.  Eat what should have been dinner if we're not too lazy.  Knit for relaxation until exhaustion takes over.  Rinse, repeat.

It's funny how much knitting you can get done in a dim theatre when you know that knitting is, in fact, the last thing keeping you sane.

The show opens tomorrow.  I finally have a maneagable list of notes.

I also completed three hats.  Koolhaas hat?  Done.  Brainmonster?  done.  We call them Pirates?  I had to stop and take a picture of it midway through because I knew I would finish it before I blogged it >.<

I even finished a horn and started another darn pirates hat.

But I'm not crazy... yet!


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