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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dreaded 70's Socks and the Interminable Baby Sweater

So, the bulk of the month of January has been consumed by Theatre and Baby Sweater.

Theatre is a given.  I work there and it eats you soul... but the baby sweater?

How much yarn can a freakin' baby sweater take?  Well, 5 fifty gram balls, plus just enough extra for the stupid ties to send it over 6.  Punks.  

     The sweater is for Corum, one of my best friend's 6mo son.  The pattern is "Dragon Skin Wrap" from the Holiday IK magazine.  I worked it up in a beautiful green tone because, well, I wanted the darn thing to actually look like dragon scales.  Then I started knitting it.  And knitting it.  And knitting it.  It just goes on and on.  It turned out fairly large, which is OK.  TRaci said that Corum is a pretty honkin' big baby, and by the time it gets out to Oregon, it'll be getting warm, so I hope it will be big enough to still fit come next fall.  It should be, I made the next size larger, and it looks like it would easily fit a 1-2 yo.

     When I told my SO that I was knitting Corum a sweater, he obviously missed the memo that my friend had a baby, because the first thing he asked was "who's Corum?  Why did you knit him a sweater?  You haven't knit me a sweater."  I looked back at him and told him that's because he's a freakin' hugh man, and Corum has a 20" chest.

     It took him a while to compute that thought, and he finally burts out "Wow... that's a skinny guy..."

      No, dipshit, that's a baby.

Anyways, Corums sweater is knit (yay!) and blocked (yay!) and now it needs to be sewn (boo!) and have those freakin' ties knit on (boo!)

So then I decided to knit something for myself.  And even though I hate making socks, I don't have a pair for mysef, so I have started the amazing 70's socks.  The yarn?  Austermann STEP.  I don't know what they call this color, but I call it "yeah, let's go disco in POLYESTER, Bah-BEE!"

I adore it.

I should have been a child of the 70's

(well, technically I am, but only on technicality.  I lived in the 70's for the first 8 months of my life.  Oooh, ahh)


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