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Thursday, December 27, 2007


So there are some days when the blog posts just roll off the keyboard, and some days (months) where they just stare at you and flick you off.

This has been one of those months.

So now I am seriously behind in this thing I call a blog.  *ahem*  time to rectify that.


I hate socks.  I really do.  

You go round and round and round and round, until you get to the heel.

Yay!  I actually like the heel because you're actually *doing* something and then you go round and round and round again until you hit the toe and you're done.  Of course you could do an awesomely intricate pattern but then your Dad asks you for socks and if you knit him lace he'll disown you.

The worst thing?  Everybody wants socks for Christmas.

Dad's Socks.

Ooooh, aaahhh. Basic socks with a somewhat interesting rib. Well, it was interesting the first dozen times I knitted it. Still, they knit up fast and they're warm and he loves them. Yay.  I didn't get any newer pictures of them because his feet kinda stink and it fogged up the camera lens

(either that or I was too full of Christmas Turkey read: too lazy to take some.)

These are the Socks I Hate.  That's their name.

Oh yes, I called them "Desert Sands" socks on Ravelry because the yarn was called "desert grass"  I'm changing the name.  I hate these socks.  I knit them (am knitting them - shame!) for my Aunt for Christmas.  As it is December 29th and that picture is a mere three hours old, you can see that they have not been finished for Christmas.


Because I hateses them.  And they hate me back.

Ok.  The pattern?  I like the pattern.  It's the River Rapids sock pattern from sockbug.  The pattern is clear, easy to follow and nicely written.

So why do I hate these socks?

The yarn.

The yarn is Brown Sheep's Wildfoote.

I usually like Brown Sheep, but I have to say I hate this yarn.

It's slippery. It's not elastic at all. It splits worse than a bleach blonde with a hairdryer obsession. And the worst thing?

The damn socks turn out lovely

If this yarn was craptacular all around I could easily dismiss it, but nooo... it mocks me! It comes in all these lovely colors to entice me, and worse, the finished product is really nice! Soft, smooth, strong, and it feels good on the foot, it's as if this yarn is sitting back and laughing at knitters, flipping us the bird and saying "You'll hate knitting with me, but everybody will want a pair of socks made out of me, and you'll just have to suffer!"

I really hate this yarn.

even more I hate the fact that you either have to be an expert knitter or completely anal retentive while using it or you lose stitches like mad.  I swear either I have ten thumbs or it's the yarn, but every time I set my project down the stitches slip off the needles.  Even if it's just sitting there while I have to pee, I come back and have to pick up stitches.  This is where the splitting part comes in - you can't pick it back up, either!

Maybe I should learn to use point protectors every time I stand up for a Diet Coke, but I'm not that kind of knitter.  I have never had this problem before - and I don't even use DPNs.  I magic loop my socks!

And why am I convinced the socks hate me back?  because even after I packed meticulously every knitted present, the finished sock feel out of my bag and stayed in Vermont while I Christmassed in Wisconsin.

It's evil.  I swear it is.

My Grand Plan.

I have decided the best way to get back at the Wildfoote I hate so much...

I will have about 3/4 of a skein left after both socks are done.

I think I am going to crochet that leftover yarn into a Beanis

Since it is greenish yarn, it will be titled my "Gangreeous Benis"


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Blogger MD Knitter said...

I am knitting my second felted beret from your "Dinner Plate" pattern. I now have a top loading washer that I can't stop mid-cycle, so I decided to hand felt the hat. I got a new plunger, filled a tall plastic trash can with hot soapy water, tossed in the beret and "plunged" in. About four hours later, after exchanging the cooler water for hot (MANY, MANY times,) the beret was finished. So was I. Incredibly, it was perfect. ( My friend had wanted what she called a French Beret so I had to shrink my hat more than I think you do yours.)

When I gave it to her, she was very happy. Everything was just as she'd wanted it--the color, the shape, the fit--it was right on. Sooooooo--she wants another!!! This time, I'm going to find someone who will let me use their top-loading washing machine. After that, I will teach her to knit them herself!

8:46 AM  
Blogger JamieL said...

I'm really glad to hear it turned out! In fact, I think it's awesome. If you have pictures, and would like to share, I will proudly post them :) That made my day!

7:02 PM  

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