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Friday, February 15, 2008

Death, by hat

It's official.  I am D-E-D dead.

I have launched my weapon, killed my target, but I am also dead.


(Sit down, kiddies, it's storytime!)

So, we got the hat patterns on Saturday sometime just before 9 am.  If I had been living in PST like I was two years ago, I probably could have gotten the hat knit and mailed before the post office closed; but I now live in EST so I didn't sweat it.  Too much.

I opened the pattern (binary cables, how geeky-cool is that?!) and read it through, and looked at the yarn in my lap.  Chianti Lamb's Pride, Dark Magenta 220?  I had gotten the Cascade 220 wound up the day before, and it was lovely and soft.  I think I chose it because it was going to give a better cable stitch definition.  It was very nice to work with.

There was a knitters retreat that day in Hanover NH, and I went.  I told alot of very wonderful older ladies about my (somewhat crazed) competitive knitting.  They were highly amused.  I finished the hat itself later on while basking in the sunshine lights of White River Yarn's knitting den.  (They are those full specturm-mimic sunshine lights.  Most happy!).  Finished at 7:15 pm EST!  Post offices closed at 11:30 am EST.  BOO.  

Later, at home, I was looking at the hat, paranoid at all the posts saying the hat was short.  Well, I have a teeny head (and I hoped my target did too, which she does!  perfect!)  but I wanted something that gave a small edging, add a little weight, add a bit of a finished end, so I grabbed my trusty crochet hook and some baby brush alpaca (mmm, leftovers from the spiral hat) and crocheted as carefully as I could around the edge.  I had lots of time left!  That Sunday I decided I wanted me some Doctor Who.  And there is one place that carries it used... and also carries tons of other quirky things; so we picked up some amazingly fun skull key covers to go with the hat o' death, packaged it all up and shipped it out Monday morning eaaaarly.

Monday went by and I was informed (gleefully, I might add) by my target that she read my assassin was done.  Done?!  Oh no!  I had launched a weapon, but I was dead woman waiting!  My Target lives in California... my Assassin lives in Massachusetts.  That's practically in my backyard >.<

So I knit hats.
Alot of hats.  
And I wear every single one of them at least once.  Sometimes I wear them a few times.   But of all my dozens of hats, I usually end up wearing just one. This is my signature hat.  I love it.  It lives on my head:

Despite my better judgement I opened the package.  What have we here?  It's white!   It looks somewhat hatlike...

I should have known then and there that it was dangerous.  But I had my suspicions...

And then all of a sudden... it ATTACKED!  It flew at me, eating my signature hat!  Eating my head!  Aaaaugh!

Later they found me, my hat on my head, D-E-D, that spells dead.

I am consoled by the fact that my target is also dead, and her blog post about it is hilarious!

And My assassin?  haven't heard hide nor hair from her.  But from her blog she's a published author (She's got a website)  So I can say I got killed by a famous person!

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Blogger normanack said...

You are way too funny! And a great knitter.

Cruised over from ravelry,

anne (normanack)

10:21 AM  

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