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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Every Single Time...

So, lately every single time I end up at a knitting meeting, a Stitch N Bitch or a hat club knit along, the same music seems to be playing on the radio.

Now seeing that I live in bustling, historic downtown White River Junction (heard of it? didn't think so. I have figured out when a town needs to bill themselves as 'historic' that translates into 'we don't have anything else good to say about us, so we'll bank on the fact that we've been a boring little town for a reeeeally long time...') there aren't many radio stations to choose from, so the one oldies station seems to be a safe bet for most people.

Therefore the oldies station is usually what's playing. And every single time I sit down to knit, the *same song* comes on. Every single time!

I like the song. I really liked the song before it started stalking me; and to make things worse, it makes me want to dance. So I'll start dancing while getting coffee or picking out yarn, which greatly amuses the rest of the knitters around.

So now it's become a joke of sorts to see whether or not the song comes on, and if I'll get funky wit' my bad self.

So, you can share in my pleasure and pain. The video even has bonus psychedlic 70's special effects! I hereby present to you the song that has been stalking me, the schmoozy dance hit of 1974, and the man who screams "I got a mullet!"

Mr Andy Kim, "Rock Me Gently"


Anonymous Kath said...

Okay - I picked this one to leave my comment on! (Does that make it the keeper?)

Actually, in most groups I end up being the one that remembers the first version of a song, but is unaware of more recent covers.

Like when local rumor had it that my then employer was were going to take over the local mini-golf course for more parking lots and the town was in an uproar. I told a group of co-workers that people thought we were going to pave paradise and put up a parking lot. I was making a Joni Mitchell reference, apparently they'd never heard of her and attributed it so some other group. Suddenly - I am old. >.<

7:15 PM  
Blogger JamieL said...

They didn't know Joni? The horror!!

Unfortunately that song has been covered about a bazillion times.

And, yup, it's the keeper ;-)

7:21 PM  
Blogger Shelby said...'s not you, it's the Oldies station, trust me. We listen to the same one at work all day long and let me tell you...Rock Me Gently features at least 3 times in the 8 hours that it's on in our office most days. Also, they play at least one Diana Ross song WITH OUT FAIL between 3:00 and 4:00 every afternoon. I thought it was just my imagination, and then someone else in the office pointed it out to me. I was like "OH THANK GODS, it's not just me!!" ;)

9:56 AM  
Blogger JamieL said...

Whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed it!

Though now thier changed thier format... I don't quite know about this...

6:30 PM  

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