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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yarn Recycling Day

Ah, lovely lazy weekends.

Since I have been bit heavily by the destash bug, I have also been going through my yarn.  I feel the need to ball up, tidy up and categorize everything.  And with that, I have been frogging some very old projects I will never finish or wear in order to reclaim the yarn.  

Mmmm, strawberry flavored wool.  This was at one point going to be a crocheted sweater; but I figured out that I didn't quite have enough yarn for the pattern I wanted to make.  So it sat in a box all through grad school and then sat for two more years until I finally found it and thought "gee, this is nice wool"

Besides, I figure that knitting takes less yarn than crocheting does, so I still have enough yarn for a ~knit~ sweater!

And so it was frogged.  And balled.  And turned into a lovely hank of crinkley yarn.

I even had help through this whole process!  See?  This is Heidi.  She thinks I cannot see her...

Oh... but the temptation was too great.  I see you, Heidi...  >.>  <.<

I had five hanks to be dipped in hot water, relaxed and then hung to dry.  Several move un-crocheted skeins that could simply be balled and stored.

After all that work, my assistant was pooped.  

I'm sort of jealous that this old cat still has the flexibility to turn herself completely into a catball.  May I be as supple when I am her age.

Until then, I'll content myself with the fact that I now have a sweater's worth of wool all fresh and waiting for me!


Blogger Kath said...

Heck I wanna have that kind of flexibility at any age! I love the expression "catball". Unfortunately one of mine is a bit chunky so it's more like an oval!

Good job on reclaiming the wool. It's a nice color and I bet you'll be happy when it's knitted up into something lovely and new!

10:16 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

Oh, that will be nice when you get it knit up - it's kind of nice to know we can re-cycle projects we don't like...

12:39 PM  
Blogger Perry said...

Love your kitty pix!


12:50 PM  

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