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Monday, August 25, 2008

Round and Round

(and round and round and round and round....)

I find it a theme of my projects lately that I start them "because the yarn was there"

No, really.  It's the yarn's fault.  It lays in the boxes and tells me to make things.  I erase all responsibility.  

So let's start with the yarn.  Red Heart Symphony.  It's 100% faux mohair.  As faux as mo goes.  Acrylic, all of it.  I found it within my stash - the old stash (yes, I have stash stored away in separate places, like vintages.  And when I dig it out I find some surprising things.  This was one of them.)  I took it out and looked at the skein and thought 'what the hell is this?'

     What the hell indeed?  It was... well, it was furry.  Not Fun Fur furry.  Just furry.  

What the hell do you do with furry?  You type "Red Heart Symphony" into Ravelry and click on 'pattern ideas.'  That's what you do.  God Bless Ravelry.

Anyways, one of the patterns that showed up was the "Portland Pullover" from Interweave Knits.  I have always thought it was an attractive pattern; and the fact that it's modeled on that cute redhead model IK used for so many years didn't hurt.  The ravelers said it was a fast, easy and nice to wear.  I said 'sold!'

I cast it on a few days before my mother fell off the garage roof, and I ended up spending hours knitting the sweater body in the ER waiting room.  There are some times where completely mindless circular knitting (19 inches of it...) is most welcome.

I did not knit the sleeves flat.  I mean a circular body with a circular yoke and flat sleeves?  Please.  I knit them on a 16" circ.  Yaaay!

I'm not fond of funnel necks, and I will almost certainly wear a button down or turtleneck underneath it; so I bound it off earlier, and shored it up with a single crochet border and kitchenered the armpit seams.

Since Wisconsin is cold lately, I got to get some lovely outdoor pictures.  Mmm, fuzzy sweater.  Fauxmo it may be, but it's delightfully soft and light.

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Blogger Kath said...

Hey, now that sounds like a simple enough sweater that even I could do! And I like your pics - looks like one of those knitting magazine layouts! But it amazes me to see someone wearing a sweater in the summer.

Oh sure - the old "the yarn made me do it" defense. Uh hunh...I've heard that one before. ;)

7:46 PM  
Blogger JamieL said...

Thanks! And I am ~totally~ innocent on this one >.> <.<

But yes, the sweater is very easy, the directions are well done and it is a good first sweater project. I was very pleased with the pattern. I reccommend it. Besides, it knits up very light and airy - not a hot sweater, more like an easy throwover to take the chill out.

8:25 PM  

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