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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cats in the Slammer

(with all due respect to "Cops"...  eh, who am I kidding.  I'm making fun of it.)  

Bad cats, bad cats, what'cha gonna do?  What'cha gonna do when the come for you...

To be fair these are not bad cats.  They are simply feral rescues.  For years and years my parents had barn cats in the, well, barn.  But as the number of cows dwindled the number of cats grew.  So we started taking in kittens (which might account for the unusually high number of housecats our family has) and finally my mother decided that enough was enough.  She was going to livetrap all the feral cats.  

We finally live trapped the last of the feral mothers from the barn; tranquilized them, got them taken to the vet for shots and fixings; and now they are enjoying a lovely day in the sun.  We set up a place for them to live indoors, with an outdoor cage.  Now they pass thier time away as healthy, lazy cats.  This is a Saint Bernard pen that is rigged up through a basement cat door, for some fun in the sun.  Or shade as the case may be in the pictures.  I just like how Suzy (the little black cat) is looking up so woefully, as if to say 'nobody knows the trouble I've seen...'

Woe be to the chipmunk who runs through the bars.



Blogger amy said...

How did you tranquilize them? Just curious. I'm imagining everything from a dart-gun to drugs in their food.

You could get a little tin cup to tie to their tails. Then they can drag the cup along the bars.

Good for you taking care of all these cats.

5:25 AM  
Blogger Kath said...

That is awfully nice of you & your family to go to such trouble for them! I've done a fair amount of work with feral cats, including dealing with the people who hate 'em and just want them "taken away". (sigh)

Those kitties are very lucky and they look very content!

1:25 PM  
Blogger JamieL said...

How do you tranquilize kitties?

We get "knockout" drops from the vet, which you measure with a little syringe (sans needle) into thier water. You have to plan a bit in advance because they don't always go snarf down the water right away. If time is of the essence, we put the knockout drops in water drained off of tuna cans.

The over the counter solution is to get children's Benadryl and drop it into the water. I used to do that with my cat Robyn when we would travel because Robyn has a tendancy to freak out. But Benadryl makes him drool like a horror movie zombie, so now we use the vet drops. When we bring the feral barn cats they tend to be pretty small and not so well nourished so they sleep pretty easily.

3:27 PM  

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