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Friday, June 11, 2010

Kim's Chemo Hat Project

I seem to keep finding long-running projects lately.

Kim is lovely. Kim is a Trekkie, a writer, a mother, a friend, a lady with an impossibly large head (literally!) and a wonderful person.

She is also undergoing chemo for breast cancer.

I could go into a big long speech about why does cancer hit nice people all the time, and how come you never hear about horrific dictators or celebrity fearmongers getting cancer and slowly going away; but instead I'll say: Doctors are hopeful. The prognosis is good, the chances of curability are high. From here on out it's as much a battle of the mind as it is of the body.

Kim lives several states away (almost everybody seems to live several states away... -.-) but when she lost her hair she contacted me. I had knit her several hats before hand - and I know her head is unusually wide. Like anybody recovering from something she wanted some cheer and to feel beautiful again. Hence: The Hat Project.

I'm shooting for a hat a month, to be sent while chemotherapy goes on. All must be soft. All must be bright. All must be easy-care. I hope the steady stream of cards, letters and hats will help the cheer factor and help offset the sickness of the chemo. I knit up a prototype in Early May for headsize and finding it fit, worked up the first of the series:

This is called the "Lace Leaf hat" and is knit in Berroco Comfort. I only wish I had completed it a bit sooner as it scream springtime to me, with green and leaves and suchlike. Kim has specially requested her next hat be red...

I need to find a good cotton blend red yarn for this. Pattern of my own design taken from the red socks of doom.

What red socks of doom?



Blogger liz said...

I would love to make some of these hats for people. Kim's chemo hat project. Could you possible sendthe dirctions.
Thank you in advance

4:58 PM  

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