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Monday, June 14, 2010

He Doth Protest too much!

So said boyfriend from the computer saga has requested appeal to those humble readers who judge him by his computer merit. for he: A. internet-stalks me and B. has fixed the computer.

Protesting that I have not portrayed him well, he holds that he has redeemed himself and that my computer fubared itself - rather than him mucking it up.

So, yes, he has made all computers whole again.

but his own is dead now....

Entropy I tell you. Entropy.


Blogger Kath said...

Has someone been deep in the Elizabethan English lately? Hmmmmm???

I firmly believe stalkers (like eavesdroppers) are endangering their own karma. I posted in an LSG thread once and joking put "hi mom" at the end. And wouldn't you know it - she post-stalked me and saw it!!!! (The excuse was she was looking for something I'd said about a particular project - likely story, eh?)

9:30 PM  

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