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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My-my-my-my Pogona

Why am I still singing that song?

Yes friends, have cast on a new shawl. And decided in the casting on that I am enamored with Stephen West's designs. So clean. So purdy. So modern.

Anyways, in a leap of total frivolity I finished a sock and instead of casting on and finishing another sock like a good girl, I have cast on this lovely little shawl. Balled up the yarn and dove in head first. Tsk. tsk. tsk. My mother would be cross. I was a WIP yet to finish >.<

The yarn is Sophie's Toes, bought at the Madison Knit in - whooo! :D Color is not my usual bag, baby: State fair. Has a lot of jewel tones in it, but somehow the blend is appealing. The sum is greater than its parts.

Potato chip knitting at its best. Knit, purl, increase and YO. Ooooh. Is ok, the handpaint on the yarn is pretty wild.

The intention is that this shawl will match my purdy new coat. Yeah, splurged on a new coat because I had two options for spring: Heavy wool and denim. So bake or freeze. To be fair, the coat was found at a resale shop and I didn't pay much for it, so win! The new coat is bright freakin' red and since all my other coats are either A. olive green or B. black I decided that the red coat needed a lovely scarf to go with it.

So Pogona was pushed to the forefront of my knitting.

Loving this shawl so far.

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