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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

As I sit here, editing another podcast and drinking tea I start to plan winter projects. gifts you ask. Nah. After over two dozen pair of gift socks methinks I shall be knitting for myself.

The question then becomes 'what do I knit?'

Do i knit something deliciously and tantalizingly difficult to show off my mad knitting prowess? Or do I knit something mind numbing but flattering and classic. Do I knit something I have had queued for ages or something I just pull out of my bum.

Have you ever wished you could knit more, faster? I am, at heart a process knitter. I enjoy making the stitches. I enjoy intricate and difficult patterns for the challenge of seeing them through, but I also enjoy the finished product and showing off that finished product on my body. I have so much yarn that is planned for attractive projects if I could only knit faster.

I know. I know. I knit fast enough already, but there are times when my decisive destashing urge (and finish-itis) kick in and say 'KNIT MORE NOW!'

Which is why I shall stop writing and go back to finishing my shawl. Taj Mahal shawl, bay-bee! I'm on row 135 of 140! You are looking at a woman who is nearing completion and is on the home stretch!

Go me!

Whatever will I knit next?

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Blogger Tazja said...

135?!?!?!?! Try not to knit any rows on your way across the parking lot!

8:05 PM  
Blogger Kath said...

Ummm..well I suppose you could always knit a hat?

ducks and runs away

6:28 PM  

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